Thursday, July 10, 2008

What to do next redux

If you've noticed, I have bounced around the last few months regarding what I want to expend my efforts on next. I know I need to do something, I'm just not sure what. Since whatever it is will turn out to be a major undertaking, I don't mind if it takes a long time to make up my mind. In no particular order, some of the items on the list are:
  • Get all of the CCIEs (probably Service Provider next)
  • Get a PhD in Computer Science (finishing MS this summer)
  • Author/co-Author a book
Those are the main three, of which I'd like to complete one in the next five years. I'm leaning toward the CCIE route since I think it's most in line with my career aspirations. I'm not planning on being a researcher or professor, so all the PhD would really get me is another suffix to my name.

I was previously thinking of going for a CCIE in Security next, but that was mostly because I didn't see myself doing much with SP networks. As it turned out, that has changed so it makes more sense now.

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