Monday, March 16, 2009

IE SP Vol 2 Lab 7

I'll have to take a break from lab 6 so I can do my scheduled timed lab 7.

3:00am began
3:08am 1.1 complete
3:11am 1.2 complete
3:18am 1.3 complete, verified using debug ppp authen and shut/no shut int
3:21am 1.4 complete, ppp peer neighbor (default) route allows connectivity
...55 minute break...
4:24am 1.5 complete
Layer 2 complete, 14/14

..50 minute break...
5:05am 2.1 complete
5:07am 2.2 complete
5:32am 2.3 complete, redistribute ip level-2 into level-1 route-map
5:35am 2.4 complete
IGP complete, 10/10

5:47am 3.1 complete
5:58am 3.2 complete
6:02am 3.3 complete
6:07am 3.4 complete
6:15am 3.5 complete, route-maps can set next hops too
6:31am 3.6 complete
BGP complete, 16/16

6:37am 4.1 complete, looks like ldp uses
MPLS complete, 3/3

6:46am 5.1 complete
7:04am 5.2 complete, as override
8:24am 5.3 complete, export maps and playing with the next-hop route-maps
9:54am 5.4 skipped. Ugh, I had all sorts of unrealized issues here. I didn't have an isis adjacency on the atm link. For some reason, I needed to change the atm subinterface type to p2m so it matched with r2's interface only config. After this, I had to ensure all broadcasts were permitted on the pvc's so that mpls would come up. And after all that, once the TE tunnels were up, yet again traffic going across them would drop, so I had to shut the tunnel and move on.
10:10am 5.5 complete

Unfortunately a large number of distractions only let me get about 5 hours toward this lab before I ran out of time.

The final tally is:
projected: 55/100

Task notes:
1.5: Ha, I was right to change a3/0.12 to multipoint. I'd give myself extra credit for that if I could!
After reviewing most of the tasks, I caught on to most of the tricks. Even though I didn't get very far into the lab, I'm very excited with my progress!

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